Mad Anthony Mud Run

5th Annual Mad Anthony Mud Run

Saturday, February 27, 2016 – 9am

A battle awaits you at Coyner Springs Park as we pay homage to our City’s namesake, General “Mad” Anthony Wayne, with the 5th  Annual Mad Anthony Mud Run!  Our first four years have brought temperatures ranging from 9 degrees to 60 degrees.  Are you ready for the challenge Mother Nature throws at you?

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Check out the Virtual Packet for all the race day details!

Course Map

Mad Anthony Mud Run Battle Map (PDF)

Registration Fee

$50 January 11 – February 10

$60 February 11 through Race Day


Mud Run

The DIRT…..

  • MUD of course!!!!  This trail run style course brings excitement and vigor to those looking to participate.  With an average temperature of 45 degrees, this course will get your blood pumping and prove to be a clash for competitors of all abilities.  The course covers just over 4.5 miles!
  • Prizes for best costumes will be given out to the best single, tandem and group costume winners.  Judging will be from 8:00 am-8:45 am.  You must complete the course is your costume!  Awards will be given out at the post race party.  Party goes until 12:00 pm. 
  • Do you have friends to run with? Sign up your team…teams can be all male, all female or mixed.  Teams must be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8.
  • Shorter lines at the obstacles…we will have a wave start.  When you register, you must select one of 3 corrals.  Awards will be based on chip time so you can still start last and finish first!

The Battles

Battle of Monmouth: Tire Pit

Through the bravery of the General Mad Anthony Wayne, the Americans were able to push through the failed first attack and rally themselves which built their confidence.  At the tire pit, you will find yourself building confidence running through tires hoping not to get your feet tangled at this first battle.

Battle of Green Spring: Balance BeamMud Run 14149

Heavily outnumbered and British soldiers surrounding them, the General Mad Anthony reformed his line and they charged in unison through the swampy terrain with bayonets fixed!  Battle 2 brings a balance beam suspended over mud, testing your balance and coordination.

Battle of Brandywine:  Scale the Wall

Mad Anthony tried to rally his troops to prove they could stand against the British- outnumbered he was unable to make a stand and had to retreat.  With a mere 6 foot wall standing in your way, will you retreat?

Battle of Stony Point: Hay Bale Climb

Know as “the most brilliant victory of “Mad Anthony’s” career”, General Wayne led his troops to capture the elevated & heavily fortified position through the dead of the night.  The hay bale climb will meet you with force as you try to scale up and over the massive barrier on your way to victory.

Battle of Fallen Timbers: Log Challenge

With the Native American’s taking a defensive position where trees had blown over, Mad Anthony led his rigorously prepared troops to victory.  Our advice to you, prepare to go over and under the fallen timbers that want to annihilate you!

Battle of Trois Rivieres: Swamp Terrain/Tunnel

Clearly outmatched by the British, Mad Anthony had no choice but to retreat through the unfamiliar swampy terrain and hide in the woods for safety.   Mud Run 14378Watch your step as you trample through the most anticipated challenge yet! The mud and the muck of our swamp terrain will strike fear into your feet and ankles.  Hopefully you survive the fence and river crossings in one piece before making your way to safety through our darkened tunnel.  Prepare to meet your match!  Prepare to get wet!

Battle of Paoli: Mystery Obstacle

After making a tactical error that found his troops on the end of a surprise attack, General Wayne demanded that he be court marshaled because of his actions!  With a mystery obstacle at this stage in your quest for victory, how will you respond with the unknown?

Battle of Germantown:  Tunnel Crawl

Lack of visibility caused Mad Anthony to lead his troops against a platoon of American forces he mistakenly thought were redcoats.  In the utter chaos of heavy gun fire they became disorganized and had to retreat.  When crawling through our various tunnels going up the hill, don’t let lack of visibility undermine your judgment and fall back in anguish.

Mystery Obstacle 2016!

The Fine Print

  • This is not your typical mud run!  Expect a challenging course with numerous “Battles” and ankle deep mud in spots.
  • The course is open to traffic!  I mean, come on…deer and squirrels can be hazardous too!!
  • The course has a 2 hour and 15 minute time limit so coming ready to battle your way to the finish!
  • I understand that should the race be postponed due to inclement weather that it will be made up on Saturday March 5, 2016 and no refunds are given if I, the participant, cannot attend that date.
  • The post race party and awards ceremony will be held at The Coyner Springs Shelter, located adjacent to the finish line.  The party ends at 12:00 pm.
  • Race day registration will be taken from 8:00am- 8:45am.
  • There will be no refunds three weeks prior to race day.
  • You must be at least 15 years old on or before February 27, 2016 to participate.

Shuttle Bus Info


Buses will depart the Waynesboro Town Center (Target Parking Lot) beginning at 8 am and continue through 9 am.  Buses will begin taking participants back to Target beginning at 10:30 with the last bus departing Coyner Springs Park at 12pm.

Past Winners

2012 Results     2013 Results     2014 Results    2015 Results


As a reward for your battlefield victory, all finishers will be awarded with our custom made Mad Anthony Mud Run Medal.  This medal was taken from the likeness of the medal Congress awarded to General Wayne after his victory at Stony Point on July 15th, 1799.

Mad Anthony Mud Run Medal

  • Overall Male
  • Overall Female
  • Overall Male Group
  • Overall Female Group
  • Overall Mixed Group
  • Best Costume – Single
  • Best Costume – Tandem
  • Best Costume – Group (3+)


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